Health Service Commission Background

The HSC derives its mandate and functions from Article 169 of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda; section 56(3) of the Local Government Act, CAP 243 and, the HSC Act, 2001 section 25(2). In the perspective of laws, the HSC was established in 1998 to address unique Human Resources for Health issues in the health service. Specifically, the Commission is mandated to appoint, confirm, promote and review the terms and conditions of service, training and qualifications of health workers. The Commission is also mandated to foster professional and work ethics, and exercise disciplinary control over the health workers under its jurisdiction.

The Jurisdiction of the HSC covers Central Government Health Institutions which include: - Ministry of Health and specialized institutions under it such as the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, Uganda Cancer Institute and Medical Professional Councils. Other Central Government Health Institutions include: - National Referral Hospitals, Regional Referral Hospitals and the Directorate of Public Health and Environment under KCCA. In addition, the Commission provides technical support and support supervision to District Service Commission (DSCs) and Local Governments on matters relating to HRH management such as recruitment of health workers.

Institutional Guiding Principles

Expeditiousness: in handling of recruitment, appointment, confirmation, promotion, approval of study leave and disciplining of health professionals.

Responsiveness: timely response to the needs of clients and stakeholders in a way that meets their expectations.

Maximum attention: to unique and peculiar problems affecting health professions as they emerge.

Innovativeness: in strengthening the institutional capacity to effectively fulfill her mandate, organizationally and professionally.

Teamwork: in the course of executing her mandate, the Commission effectiveness from all its Members and staff acting as a body in a synergetic manner

Our Vision

The Vision of the Health Service Commission is a fully resourced health workforce that is responsive,efficient and effective in Uganda socio-economic transformation process.

Our Mission

The mission of the Health Service Commission is to Build a fundamentally strong and completent human resource base for efficient and effective health service delivery.

Our Core Values

The HSC is committed to quality service delivery and therfore, regards its institutional core values as critical in the execution of its manadate. The Commisiion is akey player in the promotion of good governance.It is a member of the inter agency anti corruption forum of Uganda.

Address of HSC

  • Health Service Commission:
    Plot 1 Pillkington Road
    Workers House, 3rd Floor
    P.O BOX 7452, Kampala Uganda
  • Phone:
    +256 414 348501